Kalamos Circle Dance  


The Music

Circle Dance Musicians
Click on these links for music/dancing video clips:
Freylach (Klezmer)
Vesja Vesja Kaputchka (Russia)
Katya (Russia)
Ambee Dageets (Armenia)
Irish Tipple (Modern Irish, Barbara Driscoll)
Zensko Oro (Macedonia)
Thanks to Val Dawes and Sharon M'Quillin for the Film
and to the Musicians - Steve and Sue Leigh-Browne, Kim McGavin, Maya Buckley, Gem McSweeney, Eva Ryan, Bob Minney and Bruce.
Where does the music come from?
Music from Eastern Europe differs from that which we know from Northern Europe - both in the rhythms and the instruments played.  .However if you can count to 3, then four then occasionally to 5 or 7 you will find the rhythms to which we dance!  There are only a few basic steps. It is how these are woven together that a new dance is created.

A lot of dances are danced to recorded music but our all day dances include music played live whenever we can. Our musicians play instruments that are as compatible as possible with the countries or period or origin.  Dance music is acoustic: the instruments include: guitar, mandolin, violin, bass, whistles, clarinet, accordion, percussions and pipes.
I'm a singer or musician can I take part?
We are always very happy to accommodate musicians who would like to play this genre of music. A good starting point is 'Dancing in John's Garden' as these are informal dance parties. Just turn up and play. Singers also very welcome.
We look forward to dancing with you soon!

Kalamos Circle Dance is led by Frances, Fisheries Cottage, Stolford, Somerset, TA5 1TN