Kalamos Circle Dance  


Where and When do we dance?

Circle dance   Where do we dance?
There are many circle dance groups in the UK and throughout the world.  We are based near Bridgwater in Somerset and lead all day dances on some Saturdays and Sundays.  Click here for our latest leaflet which gives full details of this year’s programme.

There are weekly dances in Minehead (Wednesday afternoons), and Glastonbury (Friday mornings).  There are also occasional dances in Frome and Brompton Ralph.  For further details of these dances, the group leaders' details are on our contact page.

We meet in village or church halls, we also dance in Churches, Chapels and Cathedrals, Gardens, Fields and on the Beach!

Can we dance in your area?
Would you like a dance in your area?  If so we'd be happy to lead this for you and supply the music.  This could be just for fun, because you'd like to try it, or for a celebratory occasion.

Perhaps you would like to try it as an activity for your school, college or workplace?  Please contact us and we'll try our best to accommodate your wishes.

We look forward to dancing with you soon!

Kalamos Circle Dance is led by Frances, Fisheries Cottage, Stolford, Somerset, TA5 1TN